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Our mission at Martha Escutia Primary Center is to provide an enriched, friendly, warm small-learning community that focuses on students well-being and academic success.  We are committed to provide a rigorous education to foster and promote student learning to help the whole student reach his/her maximum mental, emotional, physical, and social potential.


gardenMartha Escutia Primary Center strives to provide the conditions for developing life-long learning in a cooperative environemnt shaped by the needs of the students.  We believe that all students can achieve the state and Core Standards.  As a small learning community, we especially value parents as fundamental partners on our instructional team and make every effor to create a parent-friendly environment. Our staff embraces risk-taking in developing new ideas to provide for the individual needs of each student.  We believe collaborative success will only come with collaborative decision making with the active participation of all stakeholders.  

Our Motto

"Learning and Growing Together"

We believe that all children can learn and our job is to help your child build a strong foundation in their cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills.  We develop the whole child and we do it together…Students, Parents, and Escutia Staff!

Celebrating 15 years
of teaching LAUSD's youngest learners.

Martha M. Escutia, former California State Senator, was appointed vice president for USC Government Relations, effective May 1, 2013. Ms. Escutia oversees the university's federal, state and local government relations.